Capture Tenerife's most beautiful
landscapes from a helicopter

Soar through the skies of Tenerife on an unforgettable helicopter flight and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the island and its breathtaking scenery. 

Capture Tenerife's most beautifullandscapes from a helicopter

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Helicopter in Tenerife ? Breathtaking scenery!

There are a thousand ways to discover Tenerife on vacation.
The Canaries' largest island is breathtakingly beautiful from
land, sea or sky. And that's what we're proposing today:
a helicopter tour of Tenerife. Feeling ready to take off?
Then fire up the propellers... breathtaking scenery awaits
you from up there! 

Who can take a helicopter tour
of Tenerife?

Anyone can take a helicopter tour of Tenerife.
You will need to take a few precautions if you are taking a
child under the age of 2. They should be seated on their
parents' laps. From the age of two, the child takes a seat. 

Passengers weighing over 110 kilos should reserve two
seats to balance their weight in the helicopter (the second seat is half-price). 

How does a helicopter tour of Tenerife work? 

Once you've booked your flight, we'll take you to your chosen airfield, either on your own or by shuttle from your hotel.

Pre-departure instructions

The pilot will welcome you on the tarmac and introduce you to the helicopter in which you'll be taking your first flight. He'll remind you of the itinerary, briefly explain how the machine works and give you a short briefing on the flight. Finally, he'll give you all the safety instructions. 

Placement in the helicopter and handover of equipment 

Once inside the helicopter, the pilot will show you the instrument panel, explaining here and there some of the functions of the joysticks and other buttons. He'll then invite you to make yourself comfortable in the back of the helicopter, and hand you a two-way headset to put on your head. With its built-in microphone, the headset will enable you to communicate easily with the pilot. 

Take-off and flight 

Then you can take off and admire the scenery. If you're worried about vertigo, don't be: there's no such thing as dizziness in a helicopter. So relax and enjoy the flight. The pilot will give you tourist information as you fly over the island's landmarks. Don't forget to take your camera, or get out your smartphone to capture the moment from the air. 

The end of the flight and the return to terra firma 

Then it's off to the heliport. Once on the tarmac, you'll return the helmet to the pilot. You'll be offered a complimentary drink on the ground while you discuss your sensations with the crew, before parting and returning to your hotel with your head full of beautiful images of Tenerife. 

What are the best helicopter tours in Tenerife?

Flying over the island in a helicopter is a real treat. This type of excursion, open to the whole family, offers memorable sensations and a different way of exploring the pirate island. Here's our selection of the best helicopter tours on Tenerife: 

Along the south coast from Adeje

From the Adeje heliport, take off for a 10-15 minute flight in a 4-seater helicopter along the Costa Adeje in the south of Tenerife. Head for La Caleta and its port area, where you can observe turtles in their natural habitat. Then on to the palm-fringed green terrain of Golf Adeje. 

The pilot will continue the itinerary over the famous Playa de Las Américas and Los Cristianos. He'll tell you a few interesting anecdotes about the island, making your experience even more unique.

Helicopter tour of beaches and ravines

It's a 30 km (10-12 minute) helicopter ride from Adeje! From the sky, you'll have a perfect view of the enormous lava flow that has shaped the Guaza mountain as it flows into the ocean. Nearby, the majestic peak of Teide rises proudly just to impress you! 

Mountains, ravines, the sea... a breathtaking landscape awaits you. 

Helicopter tour of Los Gigantes 

But what will surely impress you most are the many ravines that litter the tourist coastline. Seen from the air, the enormous cliffs of Los Gigantes appear even more mystical. Head to Los Gigantes for a 15-20 minute helicopter tour. The distance covered from the air is 50 km. 

This part of the island is one of the wildest and steepest. Keep your eyes peeled, as you're likely to spot dolphins and whales swimming peacefully in the ocean waters. On the way back, another surprise awaits you: Las Cañadas del Teide National Park. The island's icon!

Helicopter flight over Mount Teide 

Which brings us to our next excursion: a helicopter tour of Teide from Adeje. This dormant volcano is Spain's highest mountain, peaking at 3,718 meters, and is a Unesco-listed site. Then it's off for 45 minutes of pure pleasure in the air, flying over the most emblematic places on the island of Tenerife.

You'll pass over the vineyards of La Orotova, the port and tourist resort of Puerto de la Cruz and the alpine region of Vilaflor. Other surprises await you throughout this unique and privileged flight to Tenerife. 

Flight over Isla Baja

La Caleta, Alcalá, Puerto de San Juan, Puerto Los Gigantes marina, the dragon tree of Icod de los Vinos... fly over Tenerife's Isla Baja from the comfort of a helicopter. For 35 minutes, let yourself be carried away with a glass of champagne in hand (yes, it's included in the tour!) as you discover the island's jewels. 

On the way back, Buenavista del Norte and its steep roads will catch your eye. An experience not to be missed. 

Enjoy private flights between the islands

Why not charter a helicopter to explore every corner of the Canary Islands? Anything is possible on Tenerife! Book a private helicopter flight from Tenerife South airport and set off on an aerial cruise between the Spanish islands. Capacity for 6 people, so you can enjoy a spectacular vacation with family and friends. 

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Price: how much does a helicopter tour of Tenerife cost? 

You'll find prices from €98 up to €390 for a helicopter tour of Tenerife. It all depends on the package you choose and, above all, on the time and distance covered. Fuel costs will be higher for longer distances. 

A private flight costs around €1,900. 

How do you prepare for a helicopter flight? 

Remember to book your helicopter tour in advance. Specify the number of people, weight and age of each passenger. On the day of the big flight, plan to wear comfortable clothes and a cardigan or sweater. It's always colder in the sky. 

And don't worry, there's no fear of heights in a helicopter. Just let yourself go and enjoy the experience. 



A helicopter flight lasts an average of twenty minutes. 

In Tenerife, express flights take just 7 to 9 minutes and cover a distance of 20 km. After that, the duration will depend on the excursion and the area overflown: 

  • For a distance of 30 km, allow 12 to 15 minutes.
  • For 50 km, allow 20 to 22 minutes.
  • For a helicopter tour of 85 km, allow 35 to 40 minutes.
  • Finally, a 120 km helicopter tour takes 45 to 50 minutes. 
There are no age or height limits for helicopter flights in Tenerife. However, depending on the type of helicopter, a weight limit may be applied to guarantee flight safety. This is generally between 100 and 120 kg per passenger. Some passengers weighing 110 kg or more will have to reserve two seats (paying half the fare for the second seat) to distribute the weight on board. 
Helicopter flights are safe in Tenerife. The helicopter is checked before each departure according to a specific protocol. The pilot holds a PPL (H) private helicopter pilot's license, enabling him to fly and carry passengers in Spain and Europe. His safety, and that of his passengers, is a priority for organizers of helicopter flights on the island. 

Finally, third-party liability insurance (and optional accident cover) is always included in the package. 

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