Capture Tenerife's most beautiful
landscapes on a quad bike 

If you love hurtling down steep trails on four-wheeled off-road vehicles, quad biking in Tenerife is sure to please. There's no better way to give a taste of adventure to your stay in the Canary Islands! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, turn your discovery of Tenerife's volcanic wilderness into a unique quad biking experience. 

Capture Tenerife's most beautifullandscapes on a quad bike 

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Quad biking in Tenerife: conquering breathtaking landscapes 

Explore the wonders of Tenerife on a
quad bike: wondering about this
exciting adventure? 

Discover Tenerife in a unique way on a quad
bike tour through its breathtaking landscapes.
Wondering how to get there?
Join us for an unforgettable adventure in the heart
of this fascinating island! 

Do I need a permit to ride
a quad bike in Tenerife?

The quad is a vehicle that, although special, is reliable, maneuverable
and fast. There's no doubt that you'll have fun driving it.

To be able to drive a quad, you'll need a driving license. Underage
children and people without a license cannot drive a quad alone.
However, they can enjoy the ride as passengers, and it's the perfect
opportunity to share a great family moment on vacation in the
Canary Islands! 
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What are the best quad bike routes in Tenerife?

With its hilly and sometimes winding roads, Tenerife offers several natural spots for quad biking:

 What are the best routes in Tenerife? 

From Santiago de Teide, get on a quad bike and start climbing Mount Teide (2,000 m).
Once you reach the summit, you've got a date with the sunset. Now's the time to get some great shots! Enjoy a romantic evening after you've had your adrenaline fix. What's more, a shuttle will pick you up at your hotel, so there's no excuse not to try quad biking in Tenerife.

Quad exploration in Las Chafiras

In the south of Tenerife, between Las Galletas and El Médano: visit unique places that can only be reached by quad bike. This tour is ideal for families and beginners who want to explore the wild corners of the south of the island.
Family quad biking on Mount Teide

Family quad biking on Mount Teide

This is obviously a must if you like rocky, volcanic terrain. Straddling your quad, you're off for a 4-hour adventure. The organizers can pick you up in front of your holiday accommodation.
accommodation. Open to everyone aged 7 and over (children will be seated in the back of the quad).

Off-road quad biking in Vilaflor

From Playa de Las Americas (Arona), head for Vilaflor, one of Spain's highest villages. This sixty-kilometer off-road excursion takes you through magnificent forests and spectacular ravines. And then, at an altitude of 1,700 metres, you'll enjoy a breathtaking view!

Quad Safari in Puerto de la Cruz

Experience an off-road adventure on dirt roads from Puerto de la Cruz. Ride a quad for an hour or two. An unforgettable experience through the forests of northern Tenerife awaits you during your vacation in the Canary Islands.
Discover ravines on a quad bike in Masca

Discover ravines on a quad bike in Masca

Winding roads on the edge of precipices in the hamlet of Masca. This timeless village offers exceptional panoramic views of the Teno rural park that will stay with you forever. Enjoy 3 hours of quad biking with a multilingual team, stopping off at must-see places.

What types of quad excursions are available
in Tenerife?

There are different types of quad excursions to suit
your level of experience:

1 - Half-day outings :

For a few hours, you'll discover the island's magnificent landscapes, and visit small villages typical of the Canaries.

2 - Day excursions :

These longer outings allow you to explore more of Tenerife. Some of these tours include visits to emblematic natural sites, such as Teide or the Anaga mountains.

3 - Combined excursions :

Why not take advantage of your quad tour to visit a vineyard, for example? Or perhaps you'd prefer to swap your quad bike for a horse for an hour? The possibilities are endless.

4 - Customized excursions :

Particularly suitable if you're in a group, personalized outings will enable you to discover exactly what you want during your stay in Tenerife.

5 - Sunset formula

While most of our tours are on trails, others offer a mix of road and trail, and are particularly popular with beginners. Looking for an unusual quad tour? Opt for the Sunset package, which allows you to set off on your quad to watch the sun set, and return at dusk.

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Safety and precautions:
what you need to know before quad biking in Tenerife?

As with any sport or leisure activity, it's a good idea to take a few precautions before going out.

Safety instructions

To go quad biking in Tenerife, you'll need to follow safety guidelines:

Avoid off-road riding.

Similarly, maintain distance and drive calmly. Be aware of other users sharing the roads and trails you're using.

An instructor always supervises excursions to prevent dangers (falls, injuries) on the island's rocky trails.

Some routes pass through natural reserves. It's essential to respect marked trails to avoid disturbing local fauna and flora, and thereby protect the environment.

In some areas, there are regulations about specific time slots when quad biking is not allowed. Your instructor will inform you about this.

Always check the weather forecast before heading out on an excursion because quad biking can become more challenging under certain conditions. For instance, rain and fog can make trails slippery.

Are there any quad biking events
or competitions in Tenerife?

Quad biking is a very popular activity in Tenerife with several racing circuits. There are regularly competitions, exhibitions, and even initiation events. These events are open to the public, so feel free to join in and experience the unique atmosphere of quad competitions.

The dates of quad-related events vary from year to year. Check with tourist offices and quad rental companies. For example, from March 31st to April 1st, 2023, the Tenerife Slalom Championship took place during the 4th competition of La Guancha. Sixteen cars, ten car-cross vehicles, and nine quads participated in this unique event on a 2,700-meter circuit.

Quad riding equipment

The necessary equipment for quad biking in Tenerife is generally provided by the quad rental company. You will need to wear:

- Approved helmet

- Gloves

- Boots

- Appropriate clothing that can protect you in case of a fall

- Protective goggles

- Sunscreen

Price: how much does a quad bike excursion
in Tenerife cost?

The prices for quad excursions vary depending
on the chosen circuit, the duration of the activity,
the included services, and the number of participants.
Our excursion prices range from €140 to
€150 per quad
for a 3 to 4-hour tour.



Some of our tours take place at sunset and at night. While this is an incredible experience, always bear in mind that driving at night is more difficult. You'll need to follow all safety instructions.
Quad biking is an ideal activity for families and groups. However, as this activity is in great demand, it's best to book well in advance for a group to avoid missing out.
Children aged 12 and over can ride a quad, but they will need a driving license to do so. In addition, quad riders must be at least 120 cm tall. The total weight of driver and passenger is often limited to 160 kg.
 There are several quad rental companies on the island of Tenerife. So you can go off on your own. However, it's advisable to rent a quad only if you've already done so. Advanced beginners will appreciate the supervision of a professional instructor.

You'll also need to comply with current regulations on quad biking (marked trails, authorized days and times, etc.).
Most of the time, insurance is included in the price of the tour or quad rental. You'll need to check the contract. If insurance is not included, it is advisable to take out a policy to protect you financially in the event of an accident or damage to property.

Ask your usual insurance company for details, and they'll often be able to offer you a suitable package. Now all you have to do is enjoy your quad biking holiday in Tenerife!

As far as our excursions on TenerifeAZ are concerned, our service providers are insured and everything is included in the price.

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