Capture Tenerife's most marine
life with snorkeling 

Choose another way to observe the seabed by swimming on the water's surface with a mask and snorkel. 

Capture Tenerife's most marinelife with snorkeling 

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Explore Tenerife's seabed
Wondering about this exciting adventure? 

Snorkeling is a leisure activity that is attracting more
and more holidaymakers. Snorkeling at the water's
surface allows you to observe marine life naturally,
without having to wear special equipment. Tenerife
is the ideal destination for this aquatic activity.

What is snorkeling? 

Do you feel like a fish in the water?
You'll love snorkeling. Snorkeling involves diving to the
surface of the water with a mask, goggles and snorkel,
and sometimes fins or booties, to observe marine life.
As you're freediving, you won't go too deep, so you can
catch your breath from time to time. 

Why is Tenerife an ideal snorkelling destination?

Tenerife's weather conditions are ideal for snorkeling. Water temperatures range from 19.2°C (March) to 23.8°C (September). The crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean offer visibility of the seabed, which is full of surprises for divers. The reefs and volcanic seabeds are refuges and nurseries for the region's marine species. 
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Where are the best places to snorkel in Tenerife?

For snorkeling, prefer the southern part, where the waters are calmer. Some bays in the north also offer ideal conditions for this marine activity. Here is a selection of places where you can snorkel in Tenerife:

In the south of the island, where the waters are calmer:


To the southeast, near El Médano, this is an ideal place to start snorkeling. The water is shallow, the beach is large and there are sandy volcanic rock reefs. You'll see various schools of remarkable fish and, if you're lucky, an octopus or cuttlefish.

El Pal-Mar wall:

On the Costa Adeje, this is one of the best areas for snorkeling and swimming with green turtles. 

To the south-west, you'll be swimming against the end of the world, those immense mystical cliffs. You're sure to come across some dolphins.

If you want to see turtles, octopuses, sharks and a particular species of moray eel called Carmelita, head for El Medano. Quickly don your mask and snorkel and set off to discover the local marine gems. 

Montaña Amarilla 

On the Costa del Silencio, near Las Galletas, discover a rocky underwater landscape with arches, caves and dunes. The yellow volcanic ash expelled during the last eruption has shaped the face of this part of the island, perfect for snorkeling. 

El Puertito de Adeje 

In a fishermen's district, black sand shapes Adeje beach in Tenerife. It's the perfect place to put on your flippers and swim on the surface. You'll see green turtles and 50 different marine species up close. Snorkeling competitions are regularly held in this part of the island. 

 North of Tenerife for its wild side

Punta de Teno 

To the northeast, a shallow, relatively calm bay, unless the wind picks up. 

Playa de Las Arenas

At the mouth of the Barranco del Monte river, you can reach this beach, which is not too crowded, for diving on the water's surface in complete tranquillity. You'll see rays, turtles and all kinds of fish. 

Costa Sauzal

In the north of the island, in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Costa Sauzal is the perfect spot for snorkeling. Seabed lovers will be delighted as they swim among schools of exotic fish. 

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What equipment do you need for snorkeling?

- Diving goggles

- Snorkel (mask and snorkel or full-face mask with integrated snorkel)

- Fins or diving boots

- Waterproof sunscreen

- Underwater camera or waterproof phone

- Thermal or neoprene shirt

- Possibly a wetsuit if the water is cool, especially in the north of the island during winter.


Where can you get it in Tenerife?

Snorkeling equipment is usually purchased or rented on site, at a diving school. If you choose a snorkeling excursion, the school will also provide the equipment. Otherwise, you can find all the accessories you need in sports stores, such as Decathlon, located in La Laguna, if you're diving in the north of the island. 

If possible, avoid buying your snorkel and goggles in supermarkets, as they will be of poor quality and the experience will be less good. Instead, go to diving schools or specialized stores. And don't forget to take your waterproof phone with you, so you can take some great underwater photos and make your friends or colleagues grumble when you get back from vacation. 

Marine life and snorkelling: what animals can you see?

The island of Tenerife was built on a diverse marine fauna that diving enthusiasts never cease to admire. By snorkeling during your vacation, you can immerse yourself in the magical places that surround the Spanish lands off the coast of North Africa. 

Swimming with turtles in Tenerife 

Do you dream of swimming with turtles? There are two types of turtle on Tenerife:

  • the loggerhead turtle ;
  • the green turtle.

This activity can be enjoyed in certain spots on Tenerife, such as :

  • El Puertito near Adeje: this is the turtle bay, where turtles live all year round. You can observe them at a depth of 8 meters.
  • Between Los Cristianos and Pal-Mar: Depart from Los Cristianos, then kayak to Pal-Mar. You're sure to spot dolphins along the way. You can immerse yourself in the water with your mask and snorkel to observe the turtles.

Watching stingrays and other marine animals

The aim of this practice is to see as many marine animals as possible while swimming on the surface of the clear waters of Macaronesia. Tenerife is rich in flora and fauna. When snorkeling, expect to see not only turtles, but also fish, cetaceans and other species that line the seabed, such as : 

  • rays ;
  • pejeverdes (peacock wrasse) ;
  • fulas ;
  • viejas ;
  • schools of needles ;
  • small barracudas ; 
  • sea slugs ;
  • sea sponges ; 
  • octopus ;
  • dry fish ;
  • mackerel ;
  • and even dolphins!

How much does it cost to snorkel in Tenerife? 

Prices for snorkeling in Tenerife start from €39 per child and €49 per adult, including equipment, transport and video. 

What are the rules for snorkeling?

You don't need a permit to snorkel in Tenerife, unlike scuba diving, which requires a specific license. That said, you will need to observe certain safety rules, first and foremost for your own sake, but also for the respect of the area and other people: 

  • swim calmly on the surface of the water in authorized swimming areas;
  • check the weather forecast before heading out to sea;
  • practice snorkeling accompanied, preferably in case of danger or health problems;
  • do not underwater snorkel if you have a serious heart condition;
  • remember to take a deep breath whenever necessary (there's no need to enter a freediving competition if you're not trained);
  • don't venture out to sea if you don't know the area;
  • take your waterproof cell phone for photos, but also to call for help in the event of a problem;
  • respect wildlife and other swimmers;
  • swim at the right times of day, so as not to be surprised by nightfall;
  • avoid areas reserved for kitesurfing, surfing or boat excursions;
  • and, of course, know how to swim.



September, October and November are the best months for snorkeling in Tenerife. This is the period known as "the calm", when the sea is as smooth and soft as silk. The wind dies down and it's still mild.
If you've never been snorkeling before, it's a good idea to take an introductory course to learn the basics. But it's not compulsory, as no license is required. 
Snorkeling is for the whole family. Children naturally enjoy splashing around in the water. So you can explore the seabed with your little ones as long as they know how to swim. For some snorkeling excursions, an age restriction (generally 8 years and over) may apply. 

In addition, no heart condition is required for snorkeling, even at the water's surface. Please enquire before booking.

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